What Is Real-Crete®

Real-Crete® are widely sought-after, high quality concrete sleeper products, that are manufactured in various locations throughout Australia.

Real-Crete® products are manufactured from concrete, are steel reinforced to engineering standards, and are a fantastic alternative to commonly used timber landscaping products.

Real-Crete® products do not warp, split or rot, and cannot be ravaged by termites. Real-Crete® products are not only durable, but are cost effective as they ‘last’, and what’s more, Real-Crete® products look great.

Benefits of Real-Crete®

From Humble Beginnings​

Real-Crete® has grown from very humble beginnings. Real-Crete® was born out of the desire to find an alternative product for a rotted and termite invaded timber retaining wall, an all too common problem.

The Founders were refurbishing an old ‘Weekender’ on the Murray River at Rutherglen in Victoria’s North East. The alternatives were few and they refused to use timber again, hence the idea to develop a timber-look product but manufacture it from concrete.

Over time the products evolved to what they are today, band are known simply as ‘Real-Crete® ’ … Really made from Concrete!