How To Install Your REAL-CRETE Sleepers & Fence Posts

Easy Solutions

Real-Crete have its own ‘in-house’ retaining and fencing installers. Real-Crete experienced installers can complete the installation of the Real-Crete products for you. Or, alternatively, we can recommend various contractors whom have installed our product previously.

Hassle-Free Installation

At Real-Crete, we recommend our clients have Licensed Installers completing their project. We can supply you with product only and freight it directly to you …. however, we prefer to offer you installation and complete the total works for you.  There is a quality to our recommended installers workmanship that our customers have become accustomed to.

When Real-Crete completes the Installation it becomes ‘Low or No Maintenance’.  Real-Crete installers can organise site and earthworks and full installation of product.  Real-Crete prefers to use suitably qualified and registered contractors wherever possible.

At Real-Crete, we believe that the quality of the installation reflects on the quality of the product, hence why we offer this service to our clients.