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Real-Crete is a quality, concrete landscaping solution for retaining walls, garden edgings, sleepers, paving, fencing and more. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Real-Crete is built for Australian conditions from environmentally conscious materials. Durable, long lasting and cost effective, Real-Crete not only looks great but is low maintenence, saving you time and money.

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Real-Crete landscaping products are manufactured from concrete and steel reinforced, so you can be sure they're built to last. With a range of finishes, Real-Crete is engineered & produced right here in Australia for our harsh Australian conditions.



Real-Crete products do not warp, split or rot, and cannot be ravaged by termites, making our range of Retaining Walls, Garden Bed Edgings, Paving and Post and Rail Fencing the perfect, low-maintenance alteranative to traditional wooden products.



Allow Real-Crete to install your retaining and fencing products with our team of professional installers, or install yourself with our helpful guides and information sheets. Long lasting, our concrete products are your perfect cost-effective solution.


Built in Australia, for Australian Conditions 

Made from concrete and steel reinforced, all Real-Crete products to engineered above and beyond Australian standards. This ensures you are getting a quality, durable landscaping product every time.

Purpose built to withstand the harsh Australian climates. Real-Crete products do not warp, split, or rot and cannot be ravaged by termites. The perfect, long-lasting, cost effective solution, built to last, and look great too.

Real Landscaping Solutions 

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